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Estate Sale or Down-sizing?

Need to liquidate assets of an estate or moving into a smaller home? We got you covered!

Online Auction Services

Restricted by an HOA or prefer an online auction? We can help!

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Devlin Estate Sales sends a team to your location to assess your estate items and help you formulate a plan to liquidate your assets. 

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Traditional Estate Sale

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Clean & Organize

Sort, organize, and clean estate items. We supply tables, shelves, and bins to maximize the display of items for sale.

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Sales are advertised through online platforms, email newsletters, and local newspapers. We provide roadside signage during days of sale.

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Research & Conduct Sale

We research all items and price for current market value. Estate sale usually runs 2-3 day long. We accept cash and credit cards during the sale.

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Clear House

After the sale, we will remove leftover items (if needed), clear non-bulk trash and do a light sweep of the home.

Online Auction

We can sell your items online if you are restricted by HOA regulations or if you prefer to have an online auction. Our services are the same as if you are having a regular on-site estate sale except that we offer an off-site location to prep and conduct the auction if preferred.

Prep for sale

Move items to our off-site location if needed. Start prepping items for research and cataloging.


Conduct online estate sale (typically for a week).

After Auction

Once the auction closes, we arrange pickup of items from our winning bidders and send you a check!

What Do We Sell?

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North Houston Team

Bill and Stacy Devlin

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North-West Houston Team

Jim and Kim Mowery

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South Houston Team

Jim and Julie Colwell

Alejandra and Bryn Harris

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Devlin Estate Sales offers a comprehensive and professional service that we tailor to a client’s individual estate sale needs.

When in need of an estate sale, we understand that the search for a reliable company can be overwhelming (and frustrating!). Our company is here every step of the way, making sure you are pleased with our results.

We have over 10 years experience and know all the best practices in the industry.  We are fast, professional, and streamline the estate sale process. Our teams work with you to optimize the selling of your estate and make sure you get the attention you need as a client. 

Our Devlin Estate Sales teams are skillful and knowledgable individuals with great results. Confidently place your trust with our reliable estate sale team members!