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Bill and Stacy Devlin | Estate Sale Company


Bill and Stacy Devlin

Areas Served:

Jim and Kim Mowery | North West Houston Team

North West Houston

Jim and Kim Mowery

Areas Served:

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North East Houston

Jackie and Chris Jaenecke

Areas Served:


1) Clean & Organize

Sort, organize, and clean estate items. We supply tables, shelves, and bins to maximize the display of items for sale.

2) Market Your Sale

Sales are advertised through online platforms, email newsletters, and local newspapers. We provide roadside signage during days of sale.​

3) Research & Conduct Sale

We research all items and price for current market value. Estate sale usually runs 2-3 day long. We accept cash and credit cards during the sale.

4) Get Paid

After the sale, we provide a sales report and cut you a check! Out of state? No worries, we can send you a check via certified mail.

What do we sell?

Common items we sell at our sales:

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We send a team to your home to assess your items and help you formulate a plan to liquidate your assets.